Log Home Restoration SandingSanding is a crucial step and the second part of the Log Restoration process. Media Blasting raises the grain of the wood, leaving the logs with raised wood fibers. These fibers must be removed by sanding prior to the staining process. Sanding can be accomplished using Osborn brushes and/ or palm sanders leaving behind a lightly textured surface ideal for stain adhesion and longevity.

Log Washing

Log Home WashingThe third step in proper log home restoration is log wash. Log washing removes dust and debris left from the media blasting and sanding processes, leaving the logs clean and ready for the log home staining process.

Log washing is also an essential part of the maintenance process. Since Log homes are not vertically flat, they accumulate dust, dirt, grime, and pollen which in turn will begin to produce surface mold and mildew. Our log washing process removes these particles and cleans the stained surfaces before applying maintenance coats, which are required over time.

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