Media Blasting

Media Blasting Log Home RestorationMontana Log Restoration begins by removing failed stain from surfaces using abrasive glass or walnut media. Other products such as corn, soda, and sand are old blasting technologies that have gone by the way side because of the damage they cause to the wood and/or the environment. In contrast, glass and walnut media pose no threat to wood surfaces or the surrounding environment and their uses depend on the prior stain condition. Dry media blasting is often the preferred choice for stripping wood surfaces for two primary reasons: 1. There is no dry time, therefore any home can be completed in a timely manner and 2. The risk of mold, mildew and rot is drastically reduced because no water is forced into the wood caused from pressure washing or chemical stripping.

The blasting process requires specialized equipment and we have the right equipment for every job. With fifteen-plus years of restoration experience, we know what it takes to remove failed finishes.

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